Glow Cleanser


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Skin brightening

Our Glow cleanser is designed for normal/mature skin. It’s packed with essential vitamins, minerals and natural brightening fruit extracts. Papaya and strawberry extracts have anti=inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. The natural sources of vitamin A, C and E prevents oily skin and the formation of acne whilst also fighting free radicals and reducing premature ageing. Cleanse and give your skin the moisture it needs. Fresh faced and ready for the day ahead… what’s not to love?

Ideal for Mature/Normal/Dry skin

Cruelty-Free – Vegan Suitable – Paraben Free



Apply a small amount of cleanser to fingertips and gently smooth into face and neck. Remove with a damp cotton pads and gently pat the skin dry. Follow up with DermaLove skincare/treatments.