LED facial therapy (online training)


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Our online LED facials course lets you study in your own home at your own pace. 

This course will give you an incite to what clients can benefit from LED, how LED works and how to perform the treatment. 

This course is theory based with multiple choice question and answer.

What will I cover during the course? 

You will cover the following:

  • Health and safety
  • Sterilisation and disinfectant 
  • What is LED
  • Skin ageing and turning back time
  • Free radicals, radicals and anti-oxidants
  • How LED works
  • Consultation
  • Benefits
  • Explanation of treatment 
  • Wound healing process
  • Treatment tips
  • Treatment protocol

What qualifications do I need? 

No previous experience is necessary to take this course although a facial certificate is advised.

Are your course accredited? 

All our our courses are fully accredited and insurable.