0.5 Dermaroller


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Derma rollers work by damaging the surface of the skin to trigger healing and collagen production. You are able to do the treatment once or twice (if your skin is in good condition) a week to provide results. 

When using a derma roller it is important to use with a good quality serum to produce good results. We recommend our Super Serum to be applied before needling or 10 minutes after. 

What is a 0.5 derma roller good for?

  • Shallow wrinkles
  • Light scarring
  • UV damage 
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven skintone
  • Product asorption

Note: Micro needling naturally reduces moisture and can cause dryness. It is also normal to experience skin purging after your treatment (breakouts). Make sure you keep your skin clean with gentle cleansers and fragrance free products and avoid touching your skin. Always wear SPF 30 or above after your treatment to avoid pigmentation or damage. We recommend our SPF.

How to clean your derma roller

  •  Rinse your derma roller under water for 2-3 seconds
  •  In a bowl use rubbing alcohol 60%-80% to soak your derma roller
  •  Leave for 10-15 mins
  •  Remove, rinse again and leave to dry
  •  Place back into your derma roller box

Our roller is made of super fine titanium needles to ensure maximum results with minimal downtime and pain.